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Weiterbildungsstelle in anthroposophischer Allgemeinpraxis - Kassel

Weiterbildungsstelle in anthroposophischer Allgemeinpraxis (Einzelpraxis) in Kassel (Berechtigung...

Belegklinik für Homöotherapie in Heidenheim - Weiterbildungsstelle für Allgemeinmedizin

In der Belegklinik für Homöotherapie in Heidenheim ist ab dem 1. Januar 2019 eine...

Praxisumgestaltung: 2 x ½ Kassensitz Berlin Alexanderplatz in anthroposophischer Praxis suchen Arzt/Ärztin

liebe freunde, bekannte und kollegInnen aus den verschiedenen bereichen, hiermit möchte ich die...

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Projects of the Young Medics Forum

  • Students Discussion and exchange with other interested students, networking, support of student working groups.
  • Residents/Doctors in training Discussion and exchange, projects for developing and improving training conditions.
  • Conferences Shared work on the „Course for Young Doctors“ by Rudolf Steiner (GA 316).
  • Research We gladly help to find and arrange anthroposophic medical research work such as for a thesis or PhD.
  • Curriculum What is possible and meaningful for a training to become an Anthroposophic Doctor? - Ideals.
  • Scholarships We help you find support.
  • Newsletter Six times per year covering upcoming events and information about training.
  • Journal Exchange of content, which is formed by reader contributions - reports, experiences, thoughts, questions.
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